Transform your body with our group classes. Achieve strength, endurance, fat loss and improved cardio health through the rigor of our programs. 



This interval training class targets total body conditioning through a circuit style workout. Apart from being an effective cardio session, exercises are designed to build lean muscles mass and maximize fat loss. This all-rounder is ideal for HIIT enthusiasts and newbies.

GarageCircuit (Elite)

This advanced GarageCircuit class is a true game changer. It incorporates functional movements that will improve lactate threshold and performance, in turn breaking your fitness plateau. Ideal for those with regular HIIT experience.

GarageCircuit (Core) 

As the name suggests, this version of GarageCircuit aims to improve your core strength, alignment and overall stability. It is designed with both static and dynamic movements that allow you to condition and strengthen your core simultaneously.

GarageCircuit (Strength) 

Welcome the latest addition to the GarageCircuit family! This hybrid brings together the benefits of a HIIT class and a strength training session. Not only it's built to increase skeletal muscle mass and improve cardiovascular fitness, this multi-functional interval training class accelerates progress within the shortest possible time.

Strength 360

Previously known as Strength, Strength 360 prioritizes strength training and improving lean muscle. It will push you to go beyond the comfort zone through a series of weight lifting exercises that incorporate multi-planar and complex movements. This is definitely more than a regular weight lifting session.


Drift is a movement-based functional training class that introduces suspension tool to improve mobility and stability. Develops your strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. This low impact class is ideal for those who wish to tone and burn fat at the same time.