Transform your body with our group classes. Achieve strength, endurance, fat loss and improved cardio health through the rigor of our programs. 


Garage Circuit (beginners, 45 minutes) 

This class is perfect for circuit training virgins! Garage circuit builds strength and endurance, improves cardio health and revs up your metabolic rate for maximum fat loss. It is designed with exercises that allow participants to perform on different levels based on their fitness capacity. This high intensity interval training (HIIT) works on the various major muscle group in a single session. It is the perfect morning workout for those who yearn a quick and effective routine.  

Garage Circuit (advance, 60 minutes)

Now you have progressed from our beginner class, this advance class challenges participants through a higher level of fitness rigor. Ideal for those who are training for obstacle race course or Crossfit. 

Garage Circuit (core, 45 minutes) 

A strong core is more than just having a 6-pac. Our mid-section, commonly referred to as the core, consists of all the muscles including front, back and sides. Having a strong core allows you to perform a wider range of exercises in an optimal manner. Garage Circuit (Core) is an interval training class that focuses on core conditioning. This allows you to have a full body workout with an emphasis on core work.


Garage Fit (45 minutes) 

This circuit class is designed to give you a lean, tone and mean body! Redefine your contours and burn fat effectively through a series of exercises. You will experience the “deep burn” that will shape your silhouette without the bulking. This is the ideal overall body workout to sculpt your body. 

Garage Strength (60 minutes)

As the name suggests, Strength is designed for individual who wishes to build strength and the size of skeletal muscles. Members are trained with close supervision and guidance to break plateau and achieve better results. 

Drift (45 minutes) 

The suspension circuit class develops your strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. The total body workout engages the whole body through a series of low impact movements. Your stabilizer muscles are activated and core is put to the real test. The interval training style revs up your metabolic rate while engaging your muscles with various suspension exercises. Perfect for those who seek an intense workout without the impact on joints.