Training is more than a physical activity. We believe a well-prepared mind brings forth the will to excel and the result is the desired body and fitness health. At THE GARAGE, we see you through a fitness journey that develops your mind and body. Our circuit training facility offers HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes and personal training for members of all fitness levels.

Our effective classes are conceptualized and designed by a panel of sports experts to improve strength, endurance and cardio health within the shortest possible time. For those who have not tried circuit training, start with the beginner class to ease you into the regime. If you are a fitness enthusiast, challenge yourself with our advance programs.  

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  • Battle Ropes & Pulleys

  • Barbells & Bumper Plates

  • Free Weights

  • Step Benches

  • Tyre and Sledge Hammers

  • Suspension Trainer and Rings

  • Outdoor Concept

  • Boxing Gloves and Mitts

  • Yoga Mats & Blocks

  • Custom Obstacle Course

  • Lockers

  • Showers facilities